Stylish Portraits

With an in-depth industry experience, we specialised in portrait photography of all kinds. From family portraits, children portraits, to professional corporate portraits, models and actors portfolios.

We are friendly, open to ideas and pride ourselves for flexibilities.

We are based in St Neots, Cambridgeshire.



We begin our venture in the photography business since 2008. We have since then specialising in models and actors portraitures, and fashion images for brands.

StandAlone Studio is the sister company of our main branch POCO ImageWork in commercial photography.

We are based in Cambridgeshire, UK.


Your headshot is your brand, and a tool for you to make the first impression to the casting director. Actors often find themselves changing their main headshot from time to time because the need to update their looks, or to explore into new identity.

Whichever the reason you need a headshot, we are here to help you to achieve the look you wanted to present yourself.


There are a few types of portraits a model's portfolio need. The most basic is a natural headshot, to something more specific such as beauty, lifestyle and fashion portraits.

It depends which type of model you are, your portfolio should reflect your strength. If you already have an agency representing you, they'll tell you what you need.


We are the family people, so we understand the importance of keeping precious memory as a family.

We offer varies family packages that you can choose from, and we are confident there'll be one you find suitable. If not, why don't you just let us know what you are looking after, and we provide you a tailor-made package?

We are always happy to help :)


We all hate to admit it, children are growing up too fast and their changing is rapid.

Taking photos off our phones became a daily routine in modern days. But if you struggle to get a good photo of your child that you can cherish forever, we might just be your answer.

We specialised in well crafted photos of children and aim to capture their best moment, no matter they are shy or very activie, our professional camera will sure capture those speed of light moment.

Do you know we also do child actors & models portfolio?